The Swoope Volunteer Fire Company is a 501.C3 non-profit fire company founded in 1979 and operates with Zero paid staff - making us one of the few remaining all volunteer companies in Augusta County. We are Proud of our motto: 100% Volunteer, 100% of the time

We consist of members of our community, and include a broad and diverse range of professional careers, including but not limited to: Career firefighters, Career fire officers, Public Safety Officers, Career EMTs, Auto Mechanics/Technicians, Carpenters, Dispatchers, Office Assistants, Bankers, Police Officers, Retail workers, Medical Attendants, Restaurant Workers, Nannies, Correction Officers, Church Assistants, Hospital Workers, Ministers, Helicopter Pilots, Painters, Teachers, Computer Technicians, Students and Retirees.

As of July 2018 we boast a roster of 56 members that include 30 certificated Firefighters, 30 EMT’s, 14 Exterior Firefighters and 7 Support Members.