We’re back with a new look!

What happened?

We apologize for any inconviences that may have been caused with the outage of our website, Due to complications beyond our control, our original website along with many other fire departments that had been using the same provider as us suddenly found ourselves in the reality our websites are in a strange limbo state. Without going into details this new look was spun up by one of our members as a stop gap until we can determine how best to proceed.

If you find links no longer work, resources are missing, or posts are gone - rest assured we are aware. These will hopefully be corrected and make a return in the near future, it has proven difficult to re-add every feature and rewrite every post we had made one by one using archived versions of our previous website.

As a result of some design choices we hope our new website in it’s current form will provide a fast and reliable experience for those on limited internet connections as well as a proper mobile layout.